Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I Will Strip Their Leaders See Eddie Long

-And I Heard In My Hearing Behind A Silence in heaven “My People Are Dying, Dying, And They're Being Stripped Of Everything My Christ Has Brought Them, Behold I Will Strip Their Leaders,

My People Perish

    -Eddie Long story is a perfect depiction of what Jesus mean when he make reference to leaders having sin in the pulpits. That He will cast them into a bed (sickbed, lengthy sickness), their lovers into great tribulation, which by the way has come, US soil, except they repent. Now you remember that, something we hope and pray this man did before he passed away. As so are their offspring, this continuing into abominations, targeted for the kill. Believe this apostle, Jesus has come, suffered our curse and damnation for no other reason, except we admit sin and by the blood of this Holy Lamb, and the anointing of Holy Spirits, turn away from the practice of sin, see I John 3
    -Just a night past, 02/06/2017, as I commented this subject, I warn how choosing a homophile, same-sex life, is the equivalent of taking the mark. You talk about serious, that is how serious this sickening to damning indecision just got, your bordering the line of an unpardonable sin, a sin into death regardless of Christ Cross.
     -Human kind and their sin, this was never about achieving the American Dream, the American Dream, satanic to demonic blood lineage extends from the very system that plotted against and saw to Jesus' crucifixion, of those who plot against Him still, His Anointed. Truly why are we still building churches when there are none seeking to be or to do righteousness? Only that God does them financial favors, truly mocking Him, Jesus' Cross. That's make these determined to see them lose all that's eternal for the temporal meeting of severed by the flames of hell, thus damn ends.
     -I want you to take a guess, of what Jesus meant, when he asked a three times failed disciple Peter, three times, do you love me more than these. Believe this Apostle, this is equally what Jesus mean when he suggest we seek first God's Kingdom, then all shall be added to us, all spiritual gifts that we're a blessed example, into outreach. Though there is this one thing we must do first, I heard a voice lately as I busied around the house, just out right say, and I quote “self need to be pound into the dust,” we just read how Bishop Long was tremendously infatuated with Himself.
     -Each individual person has to do this, until you do you can never be born-again, you can never be the new-man Jesus' spilled blood intend from the beginning, you will always have sin, and be incapable of entering God's Kingdom, despite how mightily you are churched. Remember, I witness a mighty beast tearing through them lately, emptying out pulpits to pews of the people God said need to fall in love in with Him. Do you love God, 
     -Jesus, more than lives, lands and churches, how about loved ones and family members, how about lovers and spouses.? Until you learn how to set all that you treasure in heaven, that it is incapable to be made a weapon, even a threat against you, you are condemned already, you never had, or you've wondered far from Jesus, 
Voice, "I Will Finish All Schools," transgender traps for children, GOH, Apb

And I Will Kill Your Children With Death, Jesus

       -Hey RAM followers, I'll come right out, there is no such thing as same sex marriage. It doesn't matter who legalized it, they're in as much trouble as those who plotted and killed Jesus' Christ, except they repent.
     -Marriage, and why God created it, implies the reproduction of oneself, persons of the same sexual identity can't. They will never, regardless of advances,  reproduce of themselves, it's abominable to even try.
     -I want you to consider how technology work on a marriage basics. One thing has to be plugged into another, into the other, married is the emphasis here. Electricity, computers, smart phones all work.
     -Everything you and mankind rely on daily function only, properly on a male, female order. So does the Genesis man, this perfect order was copied from God. God destroyed the earth once because of sexual sin, He's now readying to do it again. 
     -America, the West, may have a few months, a true hell on earth is come. Don't let your friends fool you, they may as well be Satan and demons themselves. Stop fooling yourself, pray, safeguard your soul. Ask for forgiveness, your mortal life, immortal life is in danger. See here, www.2016onewayprayer.blogspot.com

Vivica A Fox Apologizes To LGBTQ 

     -Behold I Will Kill Your Children With Death, Jesus,  see the worse of earthquakes

     -A voice in my hearing, kill all parents by, I pause not remembering the date, 2015 is past, we're in 07/21/2016, with an ELE disaster pending, now, 2017,  corrupt parents, leaders of every category being targeted, beware

  -I saw  the news ticker how pedophile priest abused boys into the year 2015. Truly that light that is dark, is that evil hovering around religion various skirts tails/tales. Come out of her my people cries mankind's long-suffering God, her great sins have reached  unto me and I judge her accordingly.
     -As I stood before this sunlight of God He said this one thing to me, "let my people go," it mean tell them the truth. Something world achievers forfeiting their immortal souls for the temporal, can't do. In a way they're being possessed, or even intimidated having a certain structure of celebrity they must maintain, again their lives, souls in horrid danger.
     -Just a night past, 02/06/2017, as I commented this subject, I warn how choosing a homophile, same-sex life, is the equivalent of taking the mark. You talk about serious, that is how serious this sickening to damning indecision just got. How like pedophilia, like all sexual abnormality, you're bordering the line of an unpardonable sin, a sin into death regardless of Christ' Cross, beware!
.    -How many of you have considered seeing the pale horse US soil 2001, explained the through the heavens death toll I saw, yes. Though yet to calculate how those dying at this time were considered hell bound. Could it then be because the mass majority of assembled people are cursed with unpardonable sins? Now Apostle isn't saying that, only for thousands of year's Revelation has placed those two riders together, death and hell, beware additionally, awake, Apb, The RAM, see here, www.2016onewayprayer.blogspot.com www.thelightofctentri.blogspot.com www.andachildshallleadthem16.blogspot.com

Trump Will Decimate The Pedohile Movement

Voice, "six more weeks," 02/04/2017, counting down America's End, Apb, see, www.2016maaseiahadonai.blogspot.com

     -Don't I wish Alex God come Judgement was about the Pedohile horror only, but just as all unrighteousness is sin. Every sexual abnormality is an abomination in God's tearing eyes, you have the LGBTQ and P for pedohile national to world networking.
     -Though you also have such wickedness as the W, for all whorish fornicators A, Adultery, B-beastilty, I-incest,  P, pre-marial sex, P- Polygamy I- Incest, N- Necrophilia, B-beastilty again, as all sexual abnormality is sin. And for this, natural marriage, the Genesis, also see the biblical story of Noah's Ark. 
    -Truly what God has ordain, a naturally born man shall forsake his mother and father, and shall cleave to his own naturally born wife and they shall reproduce of  themselves, (marry). Like I said, there is no such thing as samesex marriage, whereas fornication desecrates the temple of God, its an abomination to even try, this Antichrist. see www.phearson2016.blogspot.com

     -And once you know this truth, and don't relent, choosing a life of sin has the equivalent of taking the mark of the beast. Now your bordering an unpardonable sin, condemned, regardless of Christ's Cross. A reveal I question here lately, is this why hell rides with the pale horse, bringer of death, now come US soil, 2001-2017? Beware as always, Apb, The RAM, see also www.lonelyteardrop15.blogspot.com

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