Friday, January 27, 2017

And I Heard In My Hearing, I Will Finish All Schools

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and sixty-three, 01/28 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Prophecy Link, The Outbreak Of Mortuary, Soaring Death Tolls, Reaching The Stars Of Heaven

Hark, A Voice, "yours is a nuclear fate," 12/27/2016, for when they shall say peace and safety and sudden destruction cometh upon them like travail upon woman with child and they shall not escape, (see Sept. 11th attacks, see Hurricane Katrina, etc.) 
Hark, A Voice, "I Will end All Schools, 12/27/2016,, (end all lives, lands and churches, end western civilization, a transgender trap for children) 
Hark, I hear a voice, "2004, God said, He, possibly His Wine Press, or your little horn, or both, "will kill millions," see the rider of death, pale horse, 1996, 2001-2017
Hark, there's a voice, 2005, "the Antichrist will kill millions, as millions, go broke," see having a bear in 120 countries, 2016

Hark a voice, 2016, "Kill All Parents, by, (we can only assume the target here is corrupt parents, influencing their evil ways upon their offspring threatening for generations to come, alike abominations, children obey your parents "IN THE LORD)."

And I Heard In My Hearing, "go and get the twelve heirs, mark seventeen and seven, see Rev. 7, Apb

Blessed Are Those In The First Resurrection, Jesus' Is Come

     -This ending Apostle of Christ created this post to remind those straddling the fence of indecision, this lukewarm and cast off what's going to happen after the rapture. This is not a scare tactic, I don't believe any person can be scared into Christ, only reminded. Well, God's Will, His promises and prophecies will and are being fulfilled on this planet until very soon nothing of mankind rule, especially America, Western Civilization will remain. It's why the Maya saw that it was totally abandon and desolated by the year 2012, the original date of exodus, we've been slowly, very slowly, coming to term with. 
     -If there are those wondering if there is such a thing as a Rapture, howbeit, the great gathering of saints, though it's been demonstrated to me in more immeasurable ways all my life in Christ. I believe all doubting Thomas's​ were settled the second Christ suggested we pray the Father we're counted worthy to escape Jacob's Troubles, basically the Antichrist Reign. I mean it can't be that God told Him, even Us, no, which is why Holy Spirit's went on these thousands of years by the Apostles of Christ. As so by anointing whom They will and showed us who? How? Why? Where and presently, when? Henceforth, this specific article, even this adjoining video, (, things to do after the rapture.

Now Regarding The Stars Of Heaven, And It Had The Surface Of A Meteor

     -This is what King Nebuchadnezzar was seeing when he saw this special stone fall from Heaven and crush all powers of man, he its head of gold. The very stone I witnessed lately in the possession of the reigning Bride, that when she released it, it was described to be the Antichrist murderer. I believe I witnessed the same thing when a huge container fell on Saddam, (see also the fall, Rev. 18), declaring Him injured. As so equally when I heard a command go out that Britain and America now an estranged pair were to instead be separated into itty, bitty pieces. When just as soon Hussein Obama's was timed for two weeks and seven years, then those two Beast, one from land, one from sea, that come out of prediction as surely his administration, and there's for the duration of seven years, that's 2017-2024/25.
      -I remind you, the West, Britain, America, Canada, was to now be shattered to dust, whose fan is in a judgmental Jesus's hand, just as the ten toes on King Nebuchadnezzar's image, all above would then crumble to wind and dust. Now we're talking for nearly three thousand years, and here it is as I write and you read being fulfilled. Just as surreal, the icing on the prophetic cake, actually witnessing Jesus' Millennium follow Obama's, seeming this curious detour around Trump's Presidential efforts, altogether, with death tolls US soil in the multi-millions regardless of building fences, do you get this? The Almighty God is against your weighty blood guiltiness for judgment, He will not relent!
     -Now if that doesn't tell you it's all over, that the next epoch of mankind is a new heaven and earth, a renew mankind, both gloriously and dangerously birth out of a chaotically performing earth. Of cataclysmic horrors yes but right into God's long awaited Kingdom. Mercifully just as John witnessed descend, God's Reign, as a New Jerusalem, so tremendously interceded now on earth, as it had been in Heaven. All to explain witnessing a US General handing off his horse to a prophet Jeremiah, this odd humility simply demonstrate giving into an Almighty God. Finally knowing, admitting, that He alone is Supreme, is worthy of all exaltation, 
     -He having laid out the foundation of His eternal, earthbound kingdom, that even you, evidently like this spiritually honorary US Leader, we all can get with His, Elohim's Righteous Program, let everything that hath breath praise His Name. Miraculously of which is rooted, grounded Christ's Cross, or perish, exactly what Jesus' forewarn all mankind in the beginning. Herein since I was born out of darkness, even a twilight of bewilderment into His marvelous light. Sincerely by the Free Will Jesus' shed blood, resurrection and ascension restored to me.  In likeness of the Psalmist, there is one thing on this planet, I, even we the Bride these trials seeked after, encouraging as many as will come. 
     -That is to dwell in the very Tabernacle of our Lord, to behold His wondrous glory, and to inquire His temple. His Temple, one of the first places in heaven, I spoke in an unknown tongue, that spread itself like replenishing manna across the entire planet. This is why especially Obama's, Trump's, even Clinton's, have been staged around all these merciful Truexits. Well, seeing America's fall was actually on Bush's watch, September 11, this fire from prison which targeted him, specifically. Surely making Obama's two weeks and seven year portion of a 190 months extension of grace, that now expiring into unthinkable calamities.

A Voice In My Hearing, "a catastrophe upon the earth," 2014, like the days of Ezekiel, of the Prophets of God, and Apostles of Christ, into the Church Bride finale, an end is upon all four corners 

    -Now the rebellious are being made Jesus' footstool, "ask me," said the Father of Glory, to His blessed Son now Our Savior. The One Who'd entered into the Holies of Holies and no longer with the blood of Animals, or human holocaust this ritual of burnt offerings and manslaughter for incalculable years. Though by His own blood hath he entered in and gain eternal redemption for us as all. 
     -Now you hear Him say, he that save his life, (the worship of the world, Religion, Politics) shall lose it, (the second death), but he that lose his life for my sake (sacrifice this life out- reaching Christ), shall gain it forevermore, (the first resurrection, second death, hell hath no power). "Ask me, and I will give you the heathen for thine inheritance." So it is all over this world, millions dead, dying with millions pending, escape this inedible doom, Jesus' is the only way, beware, Apb, The RAM, see also see, 


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